Pristine white wings, dipped in blood

not marring their perfection, nothing could.

A knowing twinkle in endless, loving eyes

passion burning bright, no way to disguise.

A hand reaching out to touch across worlds

the magic of desire seizes and unfurls.

Enthralled and flushed crimson, staining soft, ivory skin

to want someone so deeply must surely be a sin.

A song of love yearning, a fever in my veins,

lifting arms to capture, if just a tiny strain.

Powerful notes through the universe surge

birthed from the flames, two souls emerge.

Immortal eyes to mortal ones, lock in surprise

a connection so strong it ignites the skies.

Oh that the world were a merciful place

that I could but touch his lovely, burning face.

Gazes hold with conviction as two hearts quake

reaching for the other, afraid for the moment to escape.

Like Icarus that flew too close to the sun

helpless to stop it, in desperation I run.

Consumed deeper than need, all earthly cares I shun

with abandon he hastens to me and destiny binds us as one.

Lightening strikes all around, energizing the night

as our fates were sealed together by love at first sight.

~ Celeste ~



Search for lost love

I lift my eyes to the heavens

and search for your lovely face

save me from this darkness

come whisk me from this place.

Long have I awaited

your lips to press into mine

long have I known agony

bereft of love’s sweet wine.

Come quickly and save my soul

my time is growing thin

take my broken, bleeding heart

shine your light within.

I grieve in this world without you

long lost my prince is gone

still yet I seek him out

my peace hidden from the dawn.

Whisper to my heart what I must do

where else shall my eyes seek?

Call me forth to where you are

my hope fragmented and weak.

Each sun that rises anew

from now untill the end

I’ll walk among the shadows

in hopes that you’ll descend.

However long that I must wait

I shall with every breath

and carry your memory into the grave

and rest with you even in death.

My love for you will never tire

from far my feet travel on

each step will find me closer

again my prince I’ll look upon.



To See the World….

“To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.” ~ William Blake ~


Killer Tracks ~ To End All Wars

One of the most heartfelt and compelling instrumental pieces I have heard. The depth of emotion and nostalgia softly bend you to it’s will……


sunrise 10

Standing at the precipice my eyes behold

sky shedding the cloak of twilight

as dawn’s first rays touch the horizon.







intimate kiss 3

The magic caress of your lips

leaves shivery trails of ice and fire

 heaven on earth.


Diamond in the rough

Her shoulders slumping forward

and her head hanging down

she can never seem to manage

more than just a frown.

Everywhere she went

people would whisper, point and stare

would she ever in her life

meet one soul that truly cared?

Once her life was happy

she looked forward to each day

but now her days were dreary

her blue skies turned to gray.

Her heart would not let go

of all her bad decisions

and everyone she turned to

gave her nothing but derision.

With all her bleeding heart

she wanted to run and hurl

herself from off the highest cliff

goodbye to this sad, forsaken girl.

And while she contemplated

tears running down her cheeks

in the quiet of her soul

a voice began to speak.

A voice full of compassion

with wisdom old as time

and in her relentless darkness

hidden truths began to shine.

A broken image in her mind

of how she’d had enough

and then she saw her purpose

all along a diamond in the rough.

She saw how long ago

her life was planned with care

she was meant for so much more

her heart was made to share.

But for this she needed faith

so she took it by the hand

a promise to never leave her

solid ground on which to stand.

She realized all she’d been through

and all that she’d endured

was meant to make her stronger

and of this she was assured.



So now she walked into the sun

her head she held up high

the smile she wore upon her face

made man and angels sigh.

She shared this gift with others

helping all she met to grow

showing them how much they were loved

how much the Creator wanted them to know.

~ Celeste ~



Smile through the tears

When you know for sure you’ve had enough

and your heart has had all it can stand

In your pain remember to smile through the tears

embrace your own heart as a friend.

When the sting of pain and agony

squeezes your heart, takes your breath away

Hold on tightly with all your might

Do not to hopelessness yourself betray.

When the wounding of grief is all you can see

and your mind is filled with endless screams

take this to heart and know for sure

it cannot forever defile your dreams.

In the midst of a thousand sorrows

as you walk through shadows so black

the power of deliverance is in your hands

as you continue to smile and never look back.

The pain must remain with you

but lessens each passing season

just remember to keep smiling

each day find just one small reason.

Healing will certainly come 

giving peacefulness through the years

and the light will surely lead you

as you smile through all the tears.

~ Celeste ~


Peering up from where I am

I stare into a night sky

So many questions I have inside

So many questions for the reasons why.

Why in my darkest hour

and in my greatest time of need

does my hope and courage fail me

does faith not my heart lead?

Why should so many souls be suffering

with such beauty all around?

Why do the warmest of hearts grow cold,

why can no compassion be found?

Why loneliness, sadness and tribulation

are the greatest teachers of all,

why in order to truly learn

the lessons must be hard.

Why the young grow old and turn to dust

life given to us and taken away

Why the dream of eternal youth

flees farther and farther each day.

Why true love’s kiss upon our brow

turns it’s back on us in disdain

Why promises are broken, what was now no more,

Our souls torn apart in torment and pain?

Oh give me just one reason why

and give me a glimmer of truth

whisper a lifetime of love in my ear

restoring what was mine in youth.

The days and the hours keep passing by

ebbing, flowing with the tide

but I will not run-and-close-my eyes

will not from you my fears hide.

I choose to be a reason for hope

be all my eyes behold in the skies

I choose to be an answer of love

to a world hurting and wondering why.


*Let all the answers to even our hardest questions be love, leaving no room for anything else to remain.*

~ Celeste ~


Starry Night Sky

The night was magical, the stars so bright

no moon to dim their twinkle tonight.

But even so, all on their own

the Earth was aglow with the light they shone.

Reflections on the water, of the stars in their abode

A liquid canvas of black glass bore the beauty they bestowed.

No thoughts of tomorrow, or the plaguing of woes

the silent arms of the night hold me in loving repose.

A solitary crimson star, stands out from among the host

a splendid jewel to adorn the sky, unique in it’s singular boast.

Lost in velvet bliss, in the stillness of the deep

my soul opened wide to receive it , as much as my heart could keep.

Floating on a sea of peace, I smile and close my eyes

giving thanks for the joy and wonder, underneath the starry sky.

~ Celeste ~


My Addiction

In the stillness of the dewy night air

beneath a blanket of velvet and stars

my watery gaze searched the heavens for a sign

for an answer that would heal these painful scars.

Dropping down upon my knees

I beseech the midnight sky

weeping and begging for mercy to come

for my creator to hear my cries.

The path I chose led to my own destruction

my light buried deep in my addiction

now this rocky road I kneel upon

cuts into my knees and adds sorrow to my affliction.

On bloodied hands and knees I crawl

towards just the hope of my salvation

desperate, I struggle to break free from it’s grip

as the demons try to lure me from my destination.

I press on till all my strength is gone

till no hope of help remains

and in that final blackest hour

an angel reached forth and lifted my chains.

“You’ve done well, child.” he said with a smile

as he helped me back on my feet

“Hold on tight when the way gets hard,

believe in your heart and you’ll have this one beat.”

With my hope renewed and faith restored

I continued on my way

resisting the hungry forces of temptation

and fighting for the promise of a new day.

 *Celeste *May the good spirits of faith, hope, strength, and love be with those that suffer from dependency and addiction, and may they continue with the recovering. Hang in there and stay strong….the jubilation on the other side is worth fighting for. Bless you…..


Born Again

Coming to the end of all that I know

and to the shores of the unknown,

the waters are cool and crystal clear.

I pause at this moment in my journey

to take in all the new sights,

to adjust my vision…

new, stronger vision

to behold the brilliance of colors.

A sound captures my attention,

a new frequency in my ears…

like bells of glass and crystal

ringing, vibrating, tinkling.

Sensations that are fluid, alive

wrap around me like a cocoon

holding me still in it’s embrace…

so still that I hear the echo

of each beat of my heart….

I feel the rush of air that fills my lungs

and the blood pumping and winding

through my veins….

and I relax into the arms of this life force.

Some time passes, and once again

I am aware

that I am at the shoreline.

The sun paints the water

with strokes of light,

light that is alive and moving

with the tides

shimmering along the froth

and bubbles of the waves,

now licking at my toes….

the sensation tickles

and a giggle escapes,

and the sound is carried

throughout the molecules in the air,

to my amazement.

A pull on my heart’s desire,

a calling,

And I long to answer it.

I feel compelled to merge with the water,

it’s clarity so inviting.

I squish my toes into the sand

savoring the moment,

then I brace myself and take a step forward,

then another,

and another

until all of me is submerged.

The water is so alive,

healing deeply rooted pain,

cleansing long neglected wounds,

washing away impurities,

and sealing me with

the softness of newborn skin.

My-form-cradled-with loving acceptance

I am invaded with peace,

and enveloped in weightless dreams,

as I let go of all I know,

and let the tides carry me home.

~ Celeste ~


Beautiful though the day may be

something is amiss

don’t feel like me in spite of myself

I’m bereft of the angels kiss.

Too long have I been dwelling

in an unfamiliar place

too long have I been missing

 the light upon my face.

Body wrenched in menacing pain

I’m stuck like a bump on a log

the rhythmic tones of my soul are

unreachable through the fog.

Who is this plundering stranger inside

this foreigner with steely chains

raiding my storehouse and binding my strength

ghostly remnants of me estranged.

Haunted visions of veiled faces

the reflection of the mirror lies

I try to remember the words given to me

I must believe though they be in disguise.

~ Celeste ~


world in hands

I don’t just live on the Earth, but am a part of it…..her air moves through my lungs, her water in my veins….Like a baby in it’s mothers womb am I in this world….It is from whence I come and where I belong…..I and the Earth are one…..
The Earth is why we are alive, providing for us….
and in return we bless the Earth with a higher function…..
a purpose greater than a self sustaining glory……
the privilege of nurturing children of her own, the joy of giving.



In today’s time the Earth has been forgotten, discredited and neglected in favor of the pleasures and pursuit of knowledge, in search of our own glory….the greatest gift we have been given suffers our rejection….and it is not just the Earth that suffers….we cause  ourselves harm and manufacture our own suffering.

I have decided that it is not enough to feel bad for this predicament, not enough to have the knowledge of all the things wrong here and what I need or need not do…..
I am convinced that the highest form of healing will come when I open my heart to this world and really listen…..appreciate and give thanks…..more than that, to rejoice in the miracle of life….not just in the life around me, but the life within me….for we are all connected to the Earth, and to each other….without this world we are not; we are intimately entwined…
And in the end, whatever fate may come to our planet, either from the happenings of the universe, or by our own hand, we will all suffer it together.
If we feel sorry for what is happening in the Earth, then we are unwittingly separating ourselves, mind, heart, and soul from it, pacifying a false security that lulls us into complacency….unintentionally triggering our own destruction…..but ignorance will not save us from it……
How quickly we forget our inheritance! So easily we let ourselves be led astray, seduced by the promise of riches and comfort.
I am guilty of my own part in the grand scheme of things and I am tired of thinking that just one persons enlightenment is not enough to change the world.

But that is where I was wrong…..

I don’t have to be a bright, burning flame to be felt….even for the candle that’s flame has died, still the tiniest of smoldering wicks remain….and it is enough to penetrate the darkness…..
Fire can be kindled and rekindled from the tiniest of embers….it is that tiny spark of life that is responsible for the brightest of fires…..
I am done with feeling half alive, done with feeling helpless….Through with going through the motions only to lie down at night feeling unfulfilled, like something vital is missing.
Never again will I discount my own worth….I am an ambassador, a rightful heir and daughter of this world….never again will I just accept defeat while there is still breath in my body……never again underestimate what the smallest act of gratitude can accomplish in a day what could never be done by sheer force of will alone…..never again will I hide behind my fears and doubts, denying my life’s light to shine as it was meant….never will I question what is possible. Never again.
I am the beginning of a new thing….You are too. What remains to be seen is the beginning of what?
Each of us carries the tiny spark of life inside, the blueprint of the miracle of our lives. Indeed, with our little sparks, we can create the light that is needed to do more than survive, but to really live….to really experience what it means to be alive and have a relationship with our great mother, and with each other.
There is so much untapped potential, so much we have not dared venture to explore in what we are capable of!
I will not be bullied into thinking the task is too great, or to intimidating, or too impossible to redeem…..My only concern is that I use what I have been given, and trust the process of creation to do the rest….
To believe in the intelligence and thoughtfulness that created me, that saw fit to give me a body and a spirit, and a remarkable will that is near impossible to break…..
I am confident when I say I will sleep well when I lie my head on my pillow tonight….
What will you do with what you have been given?
There is no time like the present, so what are you waiting for?
I dare you to be so bold to believe….in fact, I dare you to be confident in all you can imagine…..
Listen, Imagine, Believe, See and Receive……
You have nothing to lose, because without these things we are well and truly dead already, before we have even begun to really live.
You CAN make a difference. What you think DOES matter.
Together, we CAN heal….ourselves and the Earth.
Namaste my brothers and sisters……Keep the embers glowing and the flames burning…..
Celeste….a.k.a Jacqueline




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