Don’t you cry tonight

As some of you know already, my mother was a victim of violent crime. There were no goodbyes, embraces or words of love before she was so viciously taken.I think of her often, and sometimes it is accompanied with good memories and smiles, sometimes in the horror of imagining how she felt those final moments of her life, leaving behind six children and 6 grandchildren, sometimes through the waves of pain that ebb and flow over my soul as I yearn to hold her, hug her and tell her how much I love her and miss her. My mother was a beautiful woman, full of love, wisdom and laughter, her light shining brightly in the midst of all she came in contact with, her heart reaching out to share her vibrant spirit to those close to her, even to strangers. She was amazing, the coolest mom in the world. She was open minded and enjoyed all kinds of music, one hell of a cook and a good listener, amongst a thousand other things. Once she took me and my oldest brother, whom I love so much with all my heart, and his girl, to a Pink Floyd concert when I was 16, he 18. I remember our voices being so hoarse the next day as we laughed at the time we had.

This song by Guns and Roses was playing one night very shortly after her death. I could feel her speaking to me through the words of this song, her spirit moving in my heart and soul through these words. I am weeping now as I type this to you. I wanted to share this song and the beautiful lyrics with you, and lift up my mothers sweet memory to the cosmos through the witnesses of my amazing readers. Thank you for taking a moment to feel with me, and I pray a special comfort and peace for those out there who have lost someone they love dearly. May the memory of our loved ones continue to live and give through our lives, their light having never truly gone out through the legacy they left with us and the way they impacted our lives. Love you mamma, so much….Thank you for still checking in on me from time to time and speaking words of comfort….I feel every one and know you are there……Until we meet again……. </3

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My blog, 'MORTAL HEARTS WITH IMMORTAL SOULS', is a place of fantasy, reality, spirituality and beauty. A place to unwind and find inspiration for the soul. It consists of my poetry and prose, personal thoughts and experiences, favorite quotes, beautiful photos, uplifting music, words of encouragement, and undying love. I live a quiet life, in the peace and tranquility of beautiful country surroundings. My husband and son are my life and my joy. I am your average person with a passion for reading and writing, and I love to sit and contemplate the mysteries of life and the experience of the human pilgrimage. This is a love story, the journey of our fragile, mortal bodies that have been endowed with the power of an immortal soul. I do hope you enjoy the content found in this blog. I pour out my heart and soul into each word and lovingly present it to the world, for better or for worse.

39 responses to “Don’t you cry tonight

  1. ~S

    Wow, a touching post.

  2. I am SO sorry for your loss, Dear One~<3

  3. Julie Catherine

    Oh Celeste, I did not know … and I am so, so sorry for your loss. This made me cry. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers, and much, much love. ~ Julie xoxox

  4. The God of all comfort, folds you in his arms comforting you in your loss.

  5. My Dear Celeste,
    I’ve lost someone equally important and I’m not talking about the love you find outside your door. So I know exactly how you feel and these words were snatched right from my heart by you. I so love this post that I am re-blogging it. Thanks for writing my heart out here. So glad. Sometimes memories is all we have left of those we miss so much. Be happy dear friend.

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  7. Dearest Celeste, I am so sad I am pulled to tears…May your sweet and loving heart by embraced by love now and always knowing how much you are Loved, How deeply Cared for by so many…but much more important, I recognize your mother’s sacred, and deep Heart lives on in You, around you, and also inspires you. She is so Blessed to have you as Her daughter. You are beautiful, inside and out. With Grace we move on. I lost my own mother as well. I know how difficult it is. Love, Linda

  8. Hey Celeste!
    One of the most beautiful and heart touching post by you! I literally am on the verge of crying! Your mom must have been a great treat! May her soul rests in peace. Amen!!
    Love you loads and continue to be strong! You really are my inspiration!

  9. I’m so sorry about the loss of your mother. There is no more difficult loss than the one of the woman who loved you through thick and thin just because you are you. God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

  10. Sending big hugs Celeste… did not know of this — and my heart breaks hearing this story. I do agree — she lives on in your your heart always and for eternity. She sounds like one amazing woman, like her daughter. xxooo Tons of Love ~ I will now listen to the music you have selected to honor her. ~Robyn

  11. I am glad you know she loved you.

  12. Celeste,

    I won’t go on about how many people I’ve lost, or how terrible it is to lose someone; you know that already. It helps, but you know I know that it’s awful.

    I’m proud of you for being strong even so. The ache is constant and doesn’t go away even when it’s out of your head for a while. Sometimes it hurts so much for so long that it becomes almost familiar. To the point that when it finally does leave you, it leaves a hole in your heart that you desperately desire to fill.

    It’s this that turns us towards things we find comforting- from reading and poetry to writing and singing. Emotions like this drive us, terrible as they are, to find something to fill the void. I’m glad writing helps fill that for you. I wish there was some way I could help. All I have are words and they seem so weak- there’s no words I could say in sympathy for a loss like this.

    She’s there- all our loved ones are, as long as you care to feel them. I don’t know. Maybe that’s the wrong thing to say. I wish I could be there to hold you and make the pain go away.

    Crime like that is sickening. If revenge didn’t breed more of the same I’d take it up in a heartbeat. No one deserves to lose a loved one, though. And because of the nature of the human being, most of us are born through love, and most of us have at least one person to love. The important thing to remember is that love speaks from the heart eternal, and as long as we remember the sound of its voice, we never lose those it connects us to.

    Not completely.


    • Your words impacted me deeply, and I am very sorry for your own loss as well….I really appreciate every word you took time to bless me with, I receive and cherish each emotion and the heart behind it, thank you….. :)

  13. Celeste,from whatever little i know about your mom ..i can tell she was a very lovely mom and a beautiful heart and soul;;;
    i am so sorry about the way she left this world..but knowing that she left behind such beautiful hearts in form of her kids and grandkids will always make her smile from above and she will be forever in peace….

  14. you are a beautiful woman embodying all the spirit of your mother and more. love love love

  15. Sending you all my heart …………
    i didn’t know that …
    i knew she had passed
    but i didn’t know…….. :(
    humongous love your way >>>>>> xx

  16. Celeste, I am so sorry. My heart hurts with you, but also takes comfort with you as well. This song is one that helped me through some very traumatic events and to this day speaks to me. It so wonderful how I can feel with you the comfort of your mother making yet another connection in the cosmos of love, pain.

    Again, I so sorry. Much love to you and your family.

  17. I can feel your sincerity and love….thank you very much for the warm words…..

  18. Praying for great comfort every day for you in the pain of your loss, dear Celeste!

  19. I’m sending you hugs and healing energy. Thank you so much for sharing this. There are many beautiful lessons in love and faith here.

  20. Sorry you lost your mother through violence. But we are always blessed to have memories to remind us of the good and bad. They helps us to stay strong and remind us what’s important.

  21. Celeste
    I hope all is good with you

  22. Celeste,
    Know that your mother is not far away
    As her smile always lives within your heart
    Know that she wants you not to shed tears
    As she wants your sadness to depart

    Remember the love she always shared
    The kind that was always a delight to see
    Know as you look at the love within your heart
    It will always be her radiant smile you see.

    For she is the angel who covers you with her love
    The dear one who protects you ever as you sleep
    She is the shadow that you see behind you each day
    That helps always to make your day so complete

    Know that her spirit holds you when you are feeling low
    Those times when you when you feel you cannot go on
    For she is always the strength of your beating heart
    That will always kiss you with her love each dawn..

    And she will never leave you alone.

    Love you, my sister! And may Gods blessing always watch over you and your family!

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