An intimate, personal, prose poem…… Enjoy

The lightening charged the air tonight, threatening to bring it’s ferocious roar upon me….I wish it had, I waited for it to…..Licking my lips, I watched  and waited….then found myself running toward the blackest part of the wood line to be lost in it…..but alas, I stop, embracing a tree for comfort, lightening crackling and firing all around me….a feeling of forlorn, then a primal need, and then resignation…..I return to my abode….I kiss the sky farewell, a bitter laugh through my breathlessness…..”we shall meet again” I said with closed eyes….and lied upon my pillow long into the night, seeking comfort from which there was none…..I shrivel into nothing….my heart wild and free, but my flesh is bound to the earth….I will revel in the fires that scorch my soul, and seek to find companionship in this elemental God that is light in itself, and that casts warmth into my frozen heart….. I,  longing ……waiting… be set free into the oblivion that calls to me, to have met it’s match in my heated core….sating me unto contentment and losing myself in a sea of euphoria…..

A storm that never came…………………………………………………………………..

~ Celeste ~


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About celestealluvial

My blog, 'MORTAL HEARTS WITH IMMORTAL SOULS', is a place of fantasy, reality, spirituality and beauty. A place to unwind and find inspiration for the soul. It consists of my poetry and prose, personal thoughts and experiences, favorite quotes, beautiful photos, uplifting music, words of encouragement, and undying love. I live a quiet life, in the peace and tranquility of beautiful country surroundings. My husband and son are my life and my joy. I am your average person with a passion for reading and writing, and I love to sit and contemplate the mysteries of life and the experience of the human pilgrimage. This is a love story, the journey of our fragile, mortal bodies that have been endowed with the power of an immortal soul. I do hope you enjoy the content found in this blog. I pour out my heart and soul into each word and lovingly present it to the world, for better or for worse.

6 responses to “Bound

  1. Stunningly Vivid and felt Deeply over here~ Thank you Goddess Divine~ :-)

  2. Sometimes its just not your time! But that is so very good for us! I love the you that shares her heart and spirit’s life. I love the you who inspires and lift minds as if on a natural high! I love the new look of your site especially the moving colors…it is so you and very beautiful. You are an important part of my day…so i wanted to send yout that blessing and make you smile today, has you have done so many times for me…my beloved friend and sister! Keep writing and sharing…you have a very great creative and humble spirit! Much love to you Celeste!

  3. Wonderful piece Celeste :)

  4. Deborah Avila


  5. Wow Celeste this is fantastic.

  6. Wow, this is truly amazing, Celeste…I can’t seem to grasp the right words and I also love your new design; just beautiful and perfect! xx

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